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"Heidi, I just wanted to say, I am so happy you chose me to receive one of Stella's puppies. I couldn't be more pleased with my Eva. She has brought much joy and companionship into my life. My vet is very impressed with both her temperament and her health. At 6 months of age, she has just graduated Puppy Kindergarten and it is easy to see that she is maturing nicely into an intelligent, even-tempered dog. 

Eva is absolutely adorable and I get plenty of comments on her beauty when we are out on our walks. I am often asked what breed she is and I am happy to introduce Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs to people who have never heard of them before. She is a wonderful companion animal, so loving and friendly. To Eva, every stranger (human or dog) is just a friend she hasn't met yet. She is becoming more well-known in the neighbourhood than I am and I've lived here 11 years! I am so glad I met you and Eva's older half-sisters at that local dog show in January. Thank you again for breeding such wonderful GSMD puppies and introducing Canadians to this amazing breed."

~ Carolyn McNall - EVA - Carl X Stella Dec. 2008

"Here are some pics, I have to show them off because we love them sooo much. 

By the way, if we were to ever get another Swissy or know of anyone who wants one, you would be the one we'd go to or refer. You were great to deal with, and know. You care greatly about the well-being of your dogs."

~ Alice & Paul  - Justus X Stella Dec. 2007

"We can't thank Heidi enough for letting us adopt one of her beautiful pups. Heidi makes sure that she matches the right puppy with the right family and she made a perfect pick for us! Our pup has excellent health and temperment, he is a great example of the breed. We are impressed with how she raises the pups (home raised) and you can tell how much she loves each one. Heidi is truly dedicated to the Greater Swiss breed."

~ Jennifer Lopes - OTUS - Carl X Stella Dec. 2008

"Dear Heidi, 

I am so glad that my children talked me into getting a Swissy. And all I wanted was a little dog. What was I thinking? I have this 100 pound puppy that I have fallen in love with. She is so sweet. She is the most gentle, calm dog imaginable, just as we were promised. She has now graduated from two training levels and catches onto instructions so quickly. 

Darcy's happiest moments are when she is surrounded by her people. As long as she is near us and getting attention she is happy. And how can you help but pay attention to Darcy. She is so beautiful.

Her other favourite time is playing with other dogs.  Darcy is very social and loves to play with dogs of any size. She is very popular at the park each evening with dogs and dog owners alike.

So our Darcy is here to stay and a very welcome part of our busy family. 

Heidi thanks for all your assistance and patience any time I called with big or small questions. You have been wonderful to deal with."

~ Martha Robinson - DARCY - Carl X Stella Dec. 2008

"I got my male Swiss Mountain dog, Tonka, from Heidi's first litter in February 2008. Prior to getting my dog, I boarded my horse at her family's business, Tannenfels Stables, so I had the opportunity to see the great care that was provided to all the animals on the farm. Heidi was nothing but professional, forthcoming and knowledgeable, which clearly illustrated her love for the breed. She was honest in answering my questions and we have kept in close contact since Tonka came home. 

After a lot of research into different breeds, I decided on a "Swissy" and have not been disappointed. Tonka has a very mild temper, is very friendly and although he is a gentle giant, he serves as a great guard dog. He is great around other dogs, cats and has been a popular and loved addition to the pet store I work at (customers often come in asking for Tonka even when he's not 'working')! He has a humorous personality, loves to put on a show and be the centre of attention!

Everywhere I take Tonka, whether it is for a walk, to work or to the cottage (he loves to swim!), I get stopped by people passing by who want a chance to pet and be introduced to the breed. Many people are not familiar with the Swiss Mountain dog breed and I am always proud to show him off! Tonkaalways receives compliments for being such a unique, big and handsome looking dog.

Tonka is a great addition to my family of six and we could not imagine our life without him! I would recommend Heidi and the breed of Swiss Mountain Dog without hesitation to anyone looking for a loving dog."

~ Taryn Scott - TONKA - Justus X Stella Dec. 2007

"It was apparent from the first moment arriving at Swiss Peaks and meeting Heidi that this was not merely a dog breeding business. Their love of the breed particularly, and animals generally is obvious. Swiss Peaks has taken great care in choice of breeding lines that produce a happy and healthy Swissy. Our Milo is unbelievably intelligent, caring and beautiful. He immediately became part of our family. These traits, we are sure, came from the Swiss Peaks family and their positive approach to breeding. 

On a daily basis cars literally stop in the road and people get out and want to meet this our Swissy. We always tell them if you are considering a dog there is no better breed and and no better breeder."

~ Jeff, Annette, Max, Tim & Milo Abate. Buffalo, New York - MILO - Justus X Stella Dec. 2007

"Heidi, We can not thank you enough for letting us adopt Hogan.  Hogan is a perfect addition to our family. He has the sweetest disposition and absolutely loves spending time playing, walking and cuddling. We feel that Heidi had a direct effect on Hogan's personality with the personal care and attention she provided him within his first few months. He is adored by our family, friends and our neighbors. He is a real hit with other dogs and loves being able to run and play with his friends. 

He is incredibly smart and catches on to teaching very quickly.  Hogan has completed puppy school and was often called "Mr. Perfect". In addition to Hogan's character and abilities, he is incredible, gorgeous and has all the beautiful traits assorted with the breed.

Heidi has been incredibly supportive and has been available since day one to answer any questions we have. She has provided us with a great deal of information on the breed and tips on raising the perfect Swissy. It is clear that she cares very much for each puppy. She is a fantastic breeder and we would recommend her to anyone looking to adopt a Swissy. 

Thanks so much for your ongoing support Heidi and choosing us to raise Hogan!"

~ Angel and Chris Sheran - HOGAN - Cooper X Stella August. 2009

In July of 2009, I lost my Bernese Mountain Dog, Max, to cancer. He was only 8 years old. He was undoubtedly the best dog I have ever had and I’ve had dogs all my life. I had known about the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog but never had one. In researching them I discovered they had many of the characteristics that I loved about the Bernese but the Swissy had not genetic health issues. I managed to find a breeder in Maryland and visited them on a trip I was making in Sept. My wife and I both thought what we saw was wonderful and a Swissy was certainly what I wanted. On returning home I discovered Swiss Peaks Kennel and Heidi Frei on the internet. I was in touch with Heidi within the week and the rest, as they say is history.


We visited Heidi and saw her adult breeding Swissies. The beautiful dogs and the puppies were “so cute” (my wife’s enthusiastic response). In Mid October we picked up Zeus, our new puppy.

I took him to my Vet who checked him out and he told me I had “perfect puppy.” He has confirmed that assessment in the visits we have had since that first one in October.


I have a special fondness for the large breeds and the Greater Swiss is certainly that. Over the following months, Zeus started growing into his name. I’ve never had a dog that grew so fast, so visibly. You’d turn around often and say, “Wow, he’s bigger!” At 10 months, Zeus is already as big as my Bernese Mountain dog was – and it took Max 3 years to reach that size.


Zeus has those qualities I loved most about the Bernese. He’s gentle, loyal, and very affectionate. At 100 lbs, that affection, coupled with the exuberance of a puppy, offers a unique challenge. He has been to puppy school and finished at the head of his class. He is bright, and picks up on commands quickly. Having said that, I do have to remind myself regularly, “He’s still a puppy.” I’m not used to having a 100 lb puppy. He does have a mind of his own and his affection and enthusiasm often overrides his training. So I can’t relax and tell myself it’s all taken care of. The training has to be constantly reinforced.


And he is a talker. I’ve never had a dog that ‘talks’ as much as he does. He knows what ‘No!” means, but he has to comment on it none the less. When he greets us at the door, it’s vocal as well as everything else. He is so funny.


As a parent, I know how kids can get into things, do things they know they shouldn’t but just seem to have to do it any way. Puppies are no different – except, at 100 lbs., what this ‘kid’ can get into goes up proportionately.


All that said, Zeus is such a joy. The way he greets us after we’ve been out for a bit is simply wonderful.


If you like the large breeds, you should check out the Swissies. Among the breeders I’ve met over the years, I would say Heidi is among the best. She cares about who her puppies go to and she keeps in touch. She provided a great deal of information prior to our picking up Zeus, as well as a package of information the day we took Zeus home. She even gave us a puppy blanket and some puppy toys for Zeus. That is something I haven’t seen in a breeder before. Her personal involvement in her breeding dogs and her puppies was wonderful to see.

I can say without any hesitation I could not have asked for more in my, now, 100 lb. puppy, or in his breeder.


Jack Cox, Hamilton, Ontario

"Heidi & Jason,


Jonathan & I cannot thank you enough for bringing Tilo into our lives! After doing some research on Swissy’s, Jonathan & I knew that a Swissy would be the perfect fit for us & for our German Shepherd-Husky Riley. We were so excited when we found Heidi’s website & contacted her immediately. 

We were a bit unsure of what to expect when we first visited Swiss Peaks as we had never been to a breeder’s before but knew that it was very important to find a breeder was going to be right for us & although we had heard amazing things about the breed, we had never seen a Swissy in person before! Once we arrived at Swiss Peaks we knew that we would be welcomed. We were initially welcomed by Cooper, Stella, Prada & Gucci! Shortly after we met Heidi & Jason who also warmly welcomed us! Heidi, Jason & the dogs were amazing! The dogs were so friendly & laid back & we knew that everything we had read about the breed’s temperament & demeanor was true! 

Heidi & Jason took time to answer all of our questions & were very straight forward & honest about everything from Swissy’s in general to their own dogs & past litters. Although we had several questions we never felt rushed & knew that when we left that we would be welcomed back in the future. We were ecstatic when we got the email saying that were given the opportunity to adopt one of Stella & Cooper’s puppies! In subsequent conversations about the puppies it became clear that Heidi takes the time to understand each puppy’s temperament & personality so that she can match them to the right home & family. It also became abundantly clear that health was of the utmost important to Heidi & via facebook we were always kept up to date on all of the puppies with were plenty of photo’s to view & see the puppies grow! We were also given the opportunity to come and see the puppies & again we never felt rushed or that we were on someone else’s schedule. Heidi understands how important & exciting adopting a new puppy is & takes time to answer your questions & let you get to know all of the dogs.

Jonathan & I were so excited to finally bring Tilo home. Heidi walked us through the paperwork & answered any of our final questions. We were also surprised to receive a gift bag with toys & treats as well as a very helpful book of information about Swissy’s. 

When we brought Tilo home to meet Riley we were so surprised about how smooth the introduction was! Tilo came so well socialized & fit right in! Now at 7½ months Tilo is amazing! He is so sweet & happy go lucky & loves playing both with his brother & on his own! He is also a HUGE snuggler!
We are so happy with Tilo & the relationship that we have built with Heidi that we will be a Swissy household from here on out!"

~ Andrea & Jonathan Atkinson - TILO - Stella X Cooper litter 2010

"Kobe Cooper, our wonderful Swissy, came home to us in Sept of 2010. We visited Heidi twice at the farm before we brought Kobe home and she was very approachable in answering any questions or giving advice. Our first visit was to meet the breeding dogs, which was a bit intimidating because they seemed so big!! But immediately you could see how well behaved,and gentle they were. All the dogs were wonderful to see, but Cooper stole the show for us. The second visit was to meet the pups. They were so cute and it was evident how much Heidi cared for them. We were so excited for the next visit when we were able to bring Kobe Cooper home!!! 

He has been everything we could have hoped for. His temperament is wonderful, and he loves being with people. Kobe is so easy going, he's a joy to have around whatever the situation. He's also a great fit with our large family. 

He's 8 months now and 111 pounds, but he has the heart of a lap dog. He makes us laugh everyday because he can be quite goofy.He's truly a great family dog, and a joy to have in our lives. I would recommend the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog to anyone thinking of a large breed and Heidi is the person to see!! :)"

~ Lorraine Lund - KOBE COOPER - Prada X Cooper litter 2010

"My husband and I always talked about getting a dog but we never agreed on what breed to get. We actually bought the annual breed issue and looked at EVERY breed. Unbelievably, the ONLY breed we both liked was the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. We researched extensively and found Swiss Peaks Kennel.

When we went and met Heidi, Jason and all their dogs—we were BLOWN AWAY! The dogs were everything we wanted—friendly and expressive, full of personality, watchful and attentive. Heidi and Jason are awesome! They were informative and realistic when it came to discussing Swissys and I appreciated it so much. Not only did they tell you all the pros of the breed, they also discussed the limitations and challenges of being a swissy owner. 

My husband and I left the farm completely IN LOVE with the breed and obsessed with the idea of getting one of our own. I pretty much stalked Heidi via e-mail prior to getting a dog. Heidi NEVER neglected to answer my questions and never seemed bothered by getting yet another e-mail. We welcomed Buckles into our home September of 2010 and our lives have never been the same. Buckles is the most loving, friendly, handsome and quirky dog I have ever met. He is a local celebrity at the pet stores, vet and dog park. Everyone in the neighborhood knows and loves his precocious nature. I am now known as “Buckles’ Mom” and I love it! 

Heidi is passionate about her dogs and ensuring they go to a loving home. She is very thorough in preparing owners for all situations that could arise. I cannot count how many times Buckles had an issue and just looking in the booklet Heidi gave me—my question was answered. She is literally JUST A PHONE CALL AWAY! What other breeder would interrupt her honeymoon to call you back about a concern? (yes....Heidi did that). 

There is literally NO other breeder that I would recommend. Not only is the GSMD the best dog in the world...but Swiss Peaks is the BEST breeder. Don’t even think of going anywhere else. Getting a dog from Heidi was the BEST decision I ever made. Buckles enriches our lives and makes us laugh every day and we have Swiss Peaks Kennel to thank for that!"

~ Melody and Andrew - BUCKLES - Stella X Cooper litter 2010

"Remsen is now a little over seven months old and he has become a wonderful part of our family. He is a gentle soul with a loving heart who has captured both of our hearts in a short period of time. He is playful, fun loving and loves the outdoors and his family. By four months of age we no longer kept him in his kennel when we left him alone in the house. He has never once chewed anything but his own toys. 

Ramsen is a perfect gentleman while we are away and thrilled to see us on our return. He slept through the night the day we brought him home, at 8 weeks of age, and has continued to do so without interruption. 

Ramsen loves our little farm and endlessly will walk with us around our ponds, to the barn, over the hills.He also loves the woods and weeklywe take long hikes in the deep woods and he can't stop smiling. He has boundless energy, amazing athletic ability over logs, through streams, and up steep hills, yet a great peace in his demeanor.We have trained him to respond to voice & hand commands with little effort. He amazes our friends at how smart and well trained he is at such a young age. To us, he just seems like Remsen. 

We love our boy! Thanks!"

~ Christy and Dave Best - RAMSEN - Prada X Cooper litter 2010

For months, I have been trying to figure out the best way to articulate how much we love our Abbey. From the time I spoke to you (Heidi) that one evening in July 2010, I have not been able to stop thinking how lucky we were to have connected with you and how the timing was so impeccable! 

We knew we wanted a dog but needed it to be the “perfect” family dog. Like many others, we researched & researched; Labs, Boxers, German Shepherds, and came across the Bernese which led us to the Swiss Mountain Dog. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (even though our only “sight” was a bunch of computer pictures)! For the life of me, I could not figure out why more families did not have a Swissie. But I soon discovered it was because there was a lack of decent Swissie breeders. Not so the case with Heidi and Swiss Peaks Kennel and our search ended there. Heidi’s website was organized and professional, Heidi’s dogs were beautiful and champions, and, most importantly, Heidi genuinely loved her dogs and the breed. We were ecstatic when we were invited to meet her, Jason and the adult dogs. They were the most gorgeous gentle giants. 

Abbey was finally welcomed home in September and we could have not been happier! The easiest and calmest puppy anyone in our family has ever known – Abbey, in all her glorious clumsiness, is a complete joy to have around EVERY DAY! Abbey is everything family. She comes with us everywhere she is allowed – family functions, parks, day trips. Everywhere we go, we get stopped and Abbey is admired by complete strangers and at the dog parks: her beauty, her calm and happy disposition, her BIG PAWS. 

Abbey has slept through the night in her crate since the third day of bringing her home. And although we’ve allowed her to sometimes sleep in our bed (which usually ends up in a disaster because she believes she is owed a place on the pillow right next to our faces), she is always happy to return to her crate for a good sleep.

Having so many children of various ages around us all the time, we are so pleased that Abbey is great with all children and naturally gentle. It’s unbelievable, really, to see how appropriately she plays with children and dogs of all ages and sizes. Besides our son (age 6), Abbey’s other best buddy is a 13-pound Daschund! 

So Abbey has her fair share of quirks: (i.e. counter sniffer, food stealer, barking at anyone/anything that walks by the home, and believes she’s still the size of a hamster, trying to fit herself on the smallest couch, in between two adults) – BUT IT HAS ALL BEEN WORTH IT! She’s never been rough, never shown her teeth to anyone or anything, and just the sweetest puppy we’ve ever known. 

We all love Abbey so much and Abbey has fit in perfectly here at our home. We are ever so grateful to have found Heidi & Jason’s Swiss Peaks Kennel and that Heidi picked ‘pink’ (now ABBEY) for our family.

~ Tracey, Dave & Sebastian - ABBEY - Richmond Hill, Ontario - Prada X Cooper litter 2010

We have recently (2 years ago now) adopted our first Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. We found the breed through and internet quiz where both my husband and I answered the questions very honestly and to our surprise the GSMD was on the top of the list. Not knowing, and had never heard of the breed we did our research and found a breeder in Alberta and that is how we come to meet with Heidi and Jason. The lady in Alberta highly recommended Heidi and after meeting with Heidi, Jason and her GSMD we at that point understood why she came under such great recommendation. Our first meeting was very nice and we thought that it was really responsible of her to do all this screening before the dogs are even bred. Heidi asked to meet us and our children to see first-hand our personal interaction with her dogs and see for herself if this was going to be good for us and more importantly her puppy.

Not only were Heidi and Jason great people but there dogs were fabulous as well. Of course after this first meeting we couldn't wait to have our very own GSMD. We wanted a male dog and when the puppies arrived, there were no little boys so we patiently waited for the next time puppies would be born. The following summer Prada and Diva both had big litters and there were a few boys, we were so excited. We often wondered during that time how Heidi was going to match us with the perfect puppy. She is by far a great judge of character because when we got our Sven he was a perfect fit for our family. Sven was our first Giant breed dog (we had a German Sheppard before but that's just little compared to GSMD) He's our big goof. He is now 2 years old weighing in at 140 lbs. He is the most gentle dog I have ever known. He has 2 Chihuahua sisters Betty 9 lbs and Amber 6 lbs and to see him lay down to play at their level is the sweetest thing in the world. He is truly a great dog and now that I have one it’s really hard not to get a second.

Since we adopted Sven. I was happy to see that Heidi keeps a close eye on all her puppies. She is more than happy to answer any concern even after the puppies have moved on to their new families. I found myself on the phone with her a few time with questions. We also talk via Facebook and share pictures of our dogs, and through Facebook we also get to see Sven's brothers and sisters grow up as well. We are in the end truly happy to have met with Heidi and Jason, they will forever be a great part of our life because of their great puppy ethics. And we Thank You for that. 

~ Amelie - SVEN - Prada X Cooper 2011

We got our Swissy from Heidi in September of 2010, and cannot say enough about the positive experience with Swiss Peaks. From the first email contact, Heidi made it clear that the well-being of the dogs is paramount, and the application process was geared toward making sure the proper home received the right dog. On our first visit to introduce us to the breed, Heidi answered every question we had, introduced us to her pack, and asked many questions of us as well. It was obvious that this was not just a business to her, and that her dogs were members of her family.

Once the puppies were born, we “chose” one of them based solely on looks from her pictures. Heidi let us know that she would be placing the pups based on fit with the family, after reviewing the very in-depth application we filled out and seeing how our family interacted with the puppies on our puppy visit. Heidi chose the perfect match for us, and Molly has become an integral part of our life.

Like any breed, these dogs can be a handful, but Molly is an absolute delight. You could tell right from the start that these pups were socialized, handled and loved before they made their way to their new homes. She has a beautiful temperament, is smart as a whip, and very loyal. She is loving, eager to please, and makes sure that door to door salesman think twice about approaching our house. They don’t need to know that behind that booming bark is a happy, playful, 125lb pup that just wants you to come in and scratch her behind the ears.

I would heartily recommend Heidi and Jason to anyone looking to get one of these wonderful dogs. Just be careful, they are like chips. It is very hard to just have one (our second Swiss Peak Pup will come home in August!)

~ Jeff - MOLLY - Prada X Cooper 2010

Our journey with Dizzy began long before he was even an option....

We were a family that was already full, 3 children, 3 dogs, 3 cats - but there was something that was missing.

I stumbled across the website for Swiss Peaks Kennel late one night, and cautiously started to make my way through every page. I was skeptical from the beginning, as my history to that point had been rescuing and rehabilitating animals. My views on pure bred dogs (and breeders) was skewed after a lifetime of fighting and advocating for animals that always needed a home. Yet for some reason, I couldn't stop reading everything that was in front of me on Heidi's website. I couldn't stop thinking that there was something here.... something worth looking in to. Something to believe in.

So I showed my husband the site, and he laughed at the thought of me even looking at pure bred dogs.... said something along the lines of 'of course they are adorable'... and possibly mumbled something further...

When I told him I had filled out an application form and sent it to Heidi, I think he actually thought I had lost my mind. 

I was anxious initially, but knew that a litter of pups weren't due for some time. Heidi had let me know right away that she would be in touch, when necessary. Then I panicked about whether I should even start to get excited about something like this. I knew my history with animals, but Heidi did not know me. It was very clear that filling out an application was only a part of the process. Heidi carefully screened and assessed each potential family, and there was no way to know if we might be something she was looking for. I let my skepticism start to creep in again, and got busy with life.

Then I heard from Heidi. Puppies!!! (...were on the way) - she would need to meet me, preferably 'us' but given how far away we lived from each other she was willing to work with some options.
Arrangements were made for me to get there after a weekend trip away with my best friend....

From the moment I met Heidi I knew she was as real as it gets. I knew that she was keenly aware of how much of a gift her Swissies were, and her choice to share that gift with the world was not one of selfishness, but one of pride and confidence. We spoke of family, of experience and of expectations. She asked what she needed to be able to pull from me the information she needed to make her decision. At no point did I think a puppy would be mine, and ironically that made me feel so much better about everything Heidi was doing and stood for.

It was decided.... We were approved to get a puppy. We could go down to get him 4 weeks later. From the moment we had Dizzy we knew he was special. He was sweet and soft and full of love. The whole family was smitten with him. Our mini daschund Gusie (read 12 lbs) became his best friend instantly, and our journey began.

As first time 'puppy' owners (all other animals had always been rescued, past the new puppy stage, and with some 'baggage'...) my husband and I were captivated by the experience. Our children, who were 6, 7 and 8 years old (3 boys) at the time, were a big part of everything - and together we started to build our life with Dizzy.

He was soft, and sweet, and loving - and of course rolly-polly... But the amazing thing about him is that he is still soft, and sweet, and loving. He is smart and keenly aware, and is a centrifical part of our family.

We celebrated his birthday a few weeks ago - he is now 2 years old. Watching him grow was one of the most remarkable experiences I've ever had with a dog. As a large breed he had unique needs (food/exercise) and spent much of his active growth time sleeping... :) Now that he is fully grown, we get the joys of a 145lb puppy - whose only interest is in what we are doing, and sharing all of our moments with us.

I do not live close enough to Heidi to pop in with Dizzy - share his beauty with her - show off his tenderness... However, I find comfort in knowing that she already knows that is what our life is like with him.

He is a gift in our lives....and not a day goes by that I don't think about how he came to be with us....
He completes us.

Thank you Heidi and Jason. With sincerity and depth, and from the bottom of our hearts. xo

~ Emily, Cam, Zach, Ben and Sebastian ( plus Gusie, Zeus, Sammy, Hiccup, Bessie and Rexy) - DIZZY - Diva X Stevie 2011

Where do we begin? We can’t really even remember a time without our precious boy Frank. Born June 9, 2011 (Cooper x Prada). Ty and I wanted a giant breed dog but we wanted to make sure he or she would be healthy and come from reputable breeding. That was most important to us!   We were fairly certain we found that once we met Heidi and Jason. I (Beckie) began by emailing her to see where she was located and if I could meet her and her dogs. Without hesitation she invited us to come visit. Ty and i immediately filled out a puppy application. We met a couple more times, which I liked because she really wanted to make sure the right dog was going to the right family. Ty and I never thought we would be lucky enough to be picked to receive a puppy as we knew there was a waiting list and many people interested. We were elated to find out we were chosen to be Frank’s forever humans. Since Frank’s birth, I have been in constant contact with Heidi. I’m always updating her on how Frank is doing and she has always welcomed Frank with open arms to live with her and her family when are out of town.
Frank has seen us through the lowest lows and the highest highs. He is always there for us no matter what life throws your way. He is a very integral part of our family. He is our fur baby and we thank you so much for allowing us to be his humans. It’s clear to us that Heidi and Jason run Swiss Peaks out of love, nothing less.
We are forever grateful you chose us.
Love, Beckie, Ty, Walker & Elle Smith




Our family actually goes back about 10 years with Swiss Peaks Kennels (SPK). 


After all these years, we can honestly say, Heidi and Jay (SPK) have always impressed us with their genuine caring, thoughtfulness and understanding.  They demonstrate a drive second to none to promote the GSMD to nothing but good, clean and healthy bloodlines.  Their hard work has been proven litter after litter with well rounded and balanced canines. 


Our experience with SPK has been nothing but positive on many levels.  Their dogs are so friendly, so family oriented, so beautiful/handsome, so well rounded dispositions....and are personality plus!!!


Our family has never looked back from our decision to get a “Swissy” from Heidi and Jay.  They have always been genuinely supportive should we need some assistance or questions answered pertaining to our Swissy, Sully. 


This has truly been one of our best adventures! 



Lesley Haskell and Family

May 4th, 2018  


In January 2019 we lost our Chocolate Lab due to an accident.  After months without a loving companion we decided to investigate other breeds as we have only ever owned Labrador Retrievers ( a great family breed but now our daughter was older and we were looking for a different temperament).  After months of researching and online surveys, we came across the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.  This breed had all the qualities we were looking for.  We were searching for breeders on CKC website.  We contacted Heidi and arranged for a visit.  She allowed us to visit and view the litter she currently had.  We could tell right from the beginning how loved all of the dogs she had on site (including these puppies).

We are so thankful Heidi chose us to adopt one from her next litter.  We picked up our pup on July 20, 2019 (he was from Ulla x MacDuff). He has been the best pup...

He is so loving and cuddly (although sometimes wants to be a lap dog and doesn't know he's too big now!).  He is my most favorite breed now!!  Lots of people often stop us to ask what breed he is, as there is not too many GSMD in our Area.

I am looking forward to spending many years with our great companion.  

Heidi is always willing to take my questions (I do email quite often) and I thank her for that.  I would recommend anyone to her!


Keri Tache - Callander ON - Koda - MacDuff X Ulla  May 2019

We have been fortunate enough to add two dogs from Swiss Peaks Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs to our family and we couldn’t be happier with both the dogs and Heidi!
Stella and Mater are the perfect fit for our crazy family.  One of the best parts of Heidi’s kennel is the puppies are raised in the house as family members and it definitely shows in their personalities. We have a large busy family and they fit in with our lifestyle so easily. On days you want to play outside for hours they are up for it and days where you want to just sleep on the couch, well that’s ok with them too. They are the most striking dogs and certainly garner attention any where we take them, which they gladly accept. Everyone who meets them would love to take them home!  It was clear from our first contact with Heidi that the dogs are her number one priority. She is so easy to interact with and provides a wealth of experience and breed specific knowledge. Our dogs are three plus years and we still frequently message back and forth, she’s happy to answer questions or just check in with us.
We are so grateful to have brought these gentle giants into our family and Heidi is certainly a key piece for making them such a perfect addition!

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